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About Elite Aluminium & Glass Cont.

Excel Group of Companies L.L.C. was established in the year 1990 as a Decorative Glass, Metal & Electro Plating contracting company.
The company is managed by experienced professionals and operated by qualified and experienced Project Managers, Interior Designers that has quickly gained & established a reputation, as one of the leading Decorative Glass, Metal & Electro Plating contracting companies in the UAE providing various services to all the spheres of interior design management. Elite Aluminium is a professionally managed concern in the field of Architectural Metal, Glass Products comprising of Stainless Steel products.
Elite Aluminium is an Organization were sheer professionalism combines with innovation and hard work to produce aesthetically pleasing components which are vital for the decor and utility of Interior & Exterior.
Elite Aluminium organizationally a Sharjah (U.A.E.) based Enterprise. We are fully equipped to handle your requirements right from the conceptual stage to the final installation of our products at your site. Our engineering executives interact with you to understand your requirements and prepare a feasible estimate. A time bond process chart is prepared to keep you informed about the exact progress of your order. Procurement of raw material, fabrication, engineering and pre dispatch inspection are completed strictly as per the process sheet to your utmost satisfaction. Finally the items are packed and dispatched for installation and fitting at your site.



  • Flush type rail fitting of commercial standard, welded and ground smooth with railing spice locks secured with 10mm hexagonal recessed –head set screws
  • Mitred and welded joints by fittings post to top rail and intermediate rail to post, mitering corners, and grooves welding joints and grinding smooth. Railing splices shall be butted and reinforced by a tight fitting interior sleeve not less than 150 mm long.
  • Railings may be bend at corner in lieu of jointing, provided bends are made in suitable jigs and the pipe is not crushed

COLUMN CLADDING: Shall be fabricated of not higher than 1 mm thick SS with welded joint or hair line join in deferent finishes as per the client requirement. Finishing and completion with necessary accessories required completing the work accordance with the approved drawing by the contractor, architect and the consultant.

DOORS & PANELS: Frames for access door shall be fabricated of not lighter than 1.5mm thick SS Sheet with welded joints and finishes with hinges, door handles  and other necessary fixing accessories and it should be minimum size of 350 X 500 mm.

Detail Drawing: Indicating materials thickness, type, grade, class, dimensions and construction details. Drawing shall include manufacturer’s descriptive date and installation instruction.
Sample:   Shall be submitted upon request of contractors, Architects and Consultant. Prototype or  Elite’s standard design in order to approval of the design, grade of materials and finishing of the products.
Workmanship: Work shall be well framed to shape and size with sharp lines and angle lines & true curves. Drilling & Punching shall produce clean true surfaces. welding shall be continuous along the entire of contract except were tack welding is permitted. Exposed connections of work in place shall not be rack welded. Exposed surface of work in place shall have a smooth finish and unless otherwise approved. Exposed riveting shall be flush. Were tight fits are required, joints shall be milled. Corner joints shall be coped or mitred, well formed, and in true alignment. Work shall be accurately set to established lines and elevations and securely fastened in place. Installation shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction and approved drawings, cuts and details. Miscellaneous fittings and parts like flange cover, elbows, Glass holders, U channels shall be provided of standardized grade and type to complete the work.